6162 (+1)
beats v6.4.1 — :tropical_fish: Beats - Lightweight shippers for Elasticsearch & Logstash
Similar ElasticSearch Logging
2943 (<1)
elastic v6.2.6 — Elasticsearch client for Go.
Similar Clients ElasticSearch
1669 (<1)
285 (<1)
go-elasticsearch — Official Go client library for Elasticsearch
Similar ElasticSearch
188 (<1)
monstache v4.10.2 — a go daemon that syncs mongodb to elasticsearch in realtime
Similar ElasticSearch
378 (<1)
elasticsearch_exporter v1.0.4rc1 — Elasticsearch stats exporter for Prometheus
Similar ElasticSearch
217 (<1)
aws-es-proxy — aws-es-proxy is a small web server application sitting between your HTTP client (browser, curl, etc...) and Amazon Elasticsearch service.
Similar ElasticSearch
303 (<1)
journalbeat v5.6.9 — Journalbeat is a log shipper from systemd/journald to Logstash/Elasticsearch
Similar Applications System tools ElasticSearch
218 (<1)
elasticsql — convert sql to elasticsearch DSL in golang(go)
Similar Applications ElasticSearch
143 (<1)
elktail — Command line utility to query, search and tail EL (elasticsearch, logstash) logs
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