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shaman v0.0.4 — Small, lightweight, api-driven dns server.
Similar DNS
1982 (<1)
coredns v011 — CoreDNS is a DNS server that chains plugins
Similar DNS
2819 (<1)
dns v1.0.7 — DNS library in Go
Similar DNS
626 (<1)
overture — A DNS server/forwarder/dispatcher written in Go
Similar Applications DNS
951 (<1)
grimd — :zap: fast dns proxy that can run anywhere, built to black-hole internet advertisements and malware servers
Similar Proxies DNS Nice! Applications
921 (<1)
geodns — DNS server with per-client targeted responses
Similar Applications Protocols DNS
363 (<1)
godns — A fast dns cache server written by go
Similar DNS
255 (<1)
parkomat — DNS + Web + WebDav server in one package.
Similar Applications DNS
1468 (<1)
tenta-dns — Recursive and authoritative DNS server in go, including DNSSEC and DNS-over-TLS
Similar Applications DNS
471 (<1)
dnsdock — DNS service discovery for Docker containers
Similar Docker DNS
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    1 month ago
    dnscontrol (Reached 1000 ⭐)
    Synchronize your DNS to multiple providers from a simple DSL

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