268 (<1)
wellington v1.0.4 — Spriting that sass has been missing
Similar Applications CSS
18 (0)
spracker — Go language module for generating CSS sprite sheets.
Similar Applications CSS Graphics
10 (0)
go-yui — Golang interface to YUI Compressor, for minifying Javascript and CSS assets.
Similar Applications CSS
7 (0)
gassy — Watch directories & automatically compile Sass into CSS (written in Go)
Similar Applications Local development CSS
402 (0)
gcss — Pure Go CSS Preprocessor
Similar Nice! Applications CSS
18 (0)
cssminify — Minifies CSS files smartly. Project to learn Golang.
Similar Applications CSS
952 (<1)
pravic/go-sciter — Golang bindings of Sciter: the Embeddable HTML/CSS/script engine for modern UI development
Similar HTML CSS
1295 (+1)
go.rice — go.rice is a Go package that makes working with resources such as html,js,css,images,templates, etc very easy.
Similar Nice! Static Files / Bindata Assets
1563 (<1)
go-astilectron v0.5.0 — Build cross platform GUI apps with GO and HTML/JS/CSS (powered by Electron)
Similar GUI
2172 (<1)
app 2.4.1 — Package to build MacOS and Web apps using Go, HTML and CSS.
Similar GUI
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