4694 (+12)
colly v1.0.0 — Elegant Scraper and Crawler Framework for Golang
Similar Scrapers Crawlers
3966 (+1)
pholcus v1.3.0 — [Crawler for Golang] Pholcus is a distributed, high concurrency and powerful web crawler software.
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2772 (<1)
p2pspider — DHT Spider + BitTorrent Client = P2P Spider
Similar BitTorrent Crawlers Scrapers P2P
1596 (<1)
gocrawl — Polite, slim and concurrent web crawler.
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85 (<1)
go-simstore — simhash storage and searching
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785 (<1)
soup — Web Scraper in Go, similar to BeautifulSoup
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664 (<1)
fetchbot — A simple and flexible web crawler that follows the robots.txt policies and crawl delays.
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240 (<1)
gcse — Project for Go Search, a search engine for finding popular and relevant packages.
Similar Applications Crawlers
53 (<1)
owlcrawler — Crawl the web using and Go
Similar Crawlers
14 (<1)
btc-crawl — Bitcoin node network crawler (written in Go).
Similar Crawlers Cryptocurrencies bitcoin node
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