1835 (<1)
apns2 — HTTP/2 Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) push provider for Go — Send push notifications to iOS, tvOS, and OSX apps, using the new APNs HTTP/2 protocol.
Similar APNS
435 (<1)
buford — A push notification delivery engine for the new HTTP/2 APNS service.
Similar APNS
32 (<1)
418 (<1)
apns — A Golang package for sending Apple Push Notifications and using the Feedback Service.
Similar APNS
98 (<1)
blackbeans/apns — apns is a simple golang package for ios notification based http2 protocol
Similar APNS
97 (0)
Go-Apns — Go library for Apple Push Notification Service (APNs)
Similar APNS
24 (0)
corneldamian/APNs — Golang package to interact with Apple APNs
Similar APNS
179 (<1)
timehop/apns — A Go package to interface with the Apple Push Notification Service
Similar APNS
2 (<1)
edganiukov/apns — Golang client library for Apple Push Notification service via HTTP2.
9 (<1)
toot-relay — Relay that forwards web push notifications to APNs, built for Toot!.app but usable for anyone.

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