nsq — A realtime distributed messaging platform
nordicdyno/go-pubsub — scalable websocket pub/sub server over NSQ
KitSvc — ⚙ 一個基於 Golang、Consul、Prometheus、EventStore、Gin、Gorm、NSQ 的微服務起始結構。
nsq_colletor — nsq requeued msg count collector
nsq-goclient — Go client example for nsq
nsq_to_logentries — dump messages from NSQ to Logentries
0xef53/foreman — An NSQ job manager and runner
go-nsq — The official Go package for NSQ
nsqdog — send nsq metrics to datadog
heka-nsq — A nsq plugin for Heka
nsqcycle — NSQ Testing Package
SoaringhawkCheng/nsq — NSQ实时分布式消息平台源码注释
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