notebooker — Go Notebook application
Nananas/noted — Minimal self-hosting notebook web-app in Go
notebook — code snippets
webnote — simply website notebook
go.notebook — going through the go notebook book
lavaorg/northstar — a data processing, serverless, shared notebook platform
girishramnani/goml — Machine learning code and notebooks created in ...
woiur/notes — Simple HTML-based notebook
GoNotebook — All source code from my golang book ...
junkainiu/learning-go — Notebook in learning go
squioc/notebook — A tool to manage notes
merge-ipynb-web — Merge IPython notebooks over HTTP
rollbrettler/go-playground — This is my personal go playground / ...
JamesClonk/go-todo — :notebook: Todo/Task-List web application written in Go
57 repos


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